It's Puffin's first christmas.
 Rodeo Frog, protector of the Wild Frog West.
 This is Otis and his best friend Sprout. Sprout can be annoying sometimes but he grows on you.
 A happy Shoebill Pelican.
 A dainty humming bird.
 A majestic Wompoo Fruit Dove.
 When scientists traveled to the unknown depths of the ocean they weren't certain what they would find. The latest technology in submarines now allowed them to travel deeper than they've ever been before. They came in search of science but left with the knowledge that UFOs exist.... An Unidentified Floating Octopus. 
 Turtlenecks are so hot right now and Myrtle is always right on trend.
 This is Shellby. She is a small snail that goes on big adventures. Even the shortest distances can seem like long journeys but a brave snail like her doesn’t mind.
 √Shellby packs all of her adventure essentials in her shell when the travels.
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 You’re a hairy wizard.
 You kiss like a thirsty bird.
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 Sea turtles have a hard time telling the difference between a plastic bag and the jelly fish that is their food.
 Iris is a hairless hamster that was born without hair but not with fashion
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 Peanut butter and jealous.
 The Marshmallow Curse. Burnt marshmallows have been mistreated for too long and this halloween the ghosts of these forgotten treats will claim their revenge.
 This is noodle planet. Some kids eat their dinner without any fuss, but others need to take the fork shaped rocket ship to noodle planet. Every surface must be explored or the rocket won’t have enough fuel to make it to dessert moon.
 Veggies have been bullied for too long! Weggie Burger serves fresh veggie patties between our buns and we offer brief service (except for laundry day). Hungry? Don’t get your undies in a bunch. Come on over to Weggie Burger.
 Is a Weggie Burger not enough to tame your wild appetite? order a side of potato wedgies. With our golden fries you can enjoy wedgies the French way.
 Need a little extra kick in your wedgie? Try one of Weggie Burger’s signature dipping sauces. Take your pick from Mild, Medium, and Hot.
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 The GetInMyBelly Fish. 
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